[plug] Linux Databases, ODBC & Web Front end

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Tue Sep 15 11:08:20 WST 1998

Peter Robinson wrote:
> Has anyone had anything to do with ODBC compatible SQL databases,
> preferrably ones that are easily front ended to the Web and possibly also
> be able to be front ended to MS Access using ODBC.

> I'm looking to set up a site that has the ability to have a list of
> people, with contact details etc (a simple one table database) that can be
> searched from the web etc, but be updated by someone using a simple Access
> ffront end.

Do you need the Access front end, or could you use a browser also for
administration? If so, can the Access and run with a smaller, cheaper,
lighter and faster system.

I use PostGreSQL (http://www.postgresql.org) for data and PHP
(http://www.php.net) as a module to web-front-end it all neatly from

I seem to recall that someone wrote an ODBC interface for PGSQL and one
or more of mSQL and MySQL. Try a search for ODBC on FreshMeat and see
what comes up.

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