[plug] Loss of X mouse control

Garry Moir garry.moir at mcb.wa.gov.au
Thu Sep 17 08:41:21 WST 1998

On Thu 17/09/98 2:30, Greg Gamble wrote:
>  My problem is that after getting it to work properly, I find that
>after shutting down and re-booting the next time I do `startx' the
>windows come up fine, but I don't have mouse control.

Me too Greg!
I am also a newbie and my problem is with a Microsnot 3 button mouse on
RedHat 5.0.
What I've found is that after doing the "startx", I then need to
navigate around the screen to get to the xterminal, where I do a
"mouseconfig" and the mouse immediately responds. I've checked all the
dev settings and they are OK, ...........so maybe X just doesn't like
3button mice of whatever flavour.
I'll be interested to see what other responses you get.

Garry Moir
Systems Administrator

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