[plug] apt-get segfaulting

Christian christian at global.net.au
Sun Apr 11 20:52:19 WST 1999

Peter Caffin wrote:

> > The Debian search engine page doesn't use frames...
> http://insite.verisim.com/search/debian/simple does. And *that* is the
> search script linked to http://www.debian.org's front page. Is there
> another one buried somewhere else?

There's one sneakily buried under "Debian packages" which is the one
Greg and I have been referring to.  It's very useful for finding
information on the available packages and dependencies.  It has no
frames.  Try it. :)

I tried going to the link you gave me but I get a DNS lookup failure.
> > - it is, after all, one of the main ways you can access
> > information regarding the available packages.
> By that definition, both Slashdot and Freshmeat are also part of the
> Debian Package Management System. If you look at it that way..

Slashdot and Freshmeat don't directly tell me about the dependencies,
versions and availability of Debian packages.  In the pre-APT days,
looking up the dependencies for each package on the Debian web site was
one of the easier ways to install new packages and get all the relevant
dependencies in one hit.


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