[plug] Image Browsers?

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Mon Apr 12 09:02:21 WST 1999

There seems to be many Image Viewers for Linux, but not many with a good
"Browser" implementation. ie; Something which you can flit from filename
to filename, and around the directory structure, and quickly get the
gist of images along the way.

There is an excellent app that does this under Windoze called ACDSee. In
browser mode it has a file listing (and tree if you want), and a preview
window where it'll show the currently highlighted image. Also has
full-screen/slideshow style viewing as well. Unfortunately, they have no
plans of a Linux Port (yes, I asked), and WINE doesn't seem to like it
at all.

Are there any Image Browsers of similar power for UNIX/Linux??

Hmmm. I wonder how hard it would be to link an image viewer to the KDE
file manager to show the currently highlighted file... ^_^;;

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