[plug] Y2K (formerly Linux isn't there yet)

Damion Hill dhill at wantree.com.au
Sat May 8 01:11:19 WST 1999

I'm on the HDWA network which connects to the Tellyscum link. This was
not a problem for accessing the whole aarnet site until the release of
the second Phantom Menace preview. Apparently there were too many
outside oz dl's happening.

Since about that time, the only way to access the aarnet mirror (and
hence, one of the SAMBA mirrors) is to be on an ISP who connects to
OPTUS link is OK.

I reckon you are prolly in same boat Kevin.

A case of "Too bad, so sad."

Cheers, Damion.

Shackleton, Kevin wrote:
> > From:         Christian[SMTP:christian at global.net.au]
> >
> > I found that in <30 seconds so, assuming he has sufficient motor skills
> > to click a mouse and type on a keyboard, he didn't look very hard.
> >
> Hey Cristian you should assume people have some brains!
> I get this when I try to access the Samba site.  Our network is a registered
> Class B network on AARNET, so I don't see why it occurs.  I did correspond
> with the Samba people about it but as you might gather I don't get a lot of
> support from Perth about access to these sorts of things.
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Sorry! You can't use this web server
> This web mirror is provided as a service to AARNet (the Australian Academic
> Network), and as a non-core benefit is made visible to IP
> networks which are reached at a domestic/onshore tarrif via Optus Internet.
> You may not be able to connect because you don't have a registered hostname
> with DNS, or because the DNS name or IP address is
> determined to be 'offshore' to Australasia.
> The non-core class *excludes* most Continental-USA, European and
> Asia-Pacific IP networks. International traffic from Australia really does
> mean 'the rest of the world'
> If you believe you have been blocked because of DNS problems with your IP
> address, Please contact your local system administrator to
> get this fixed. We need you to have the "reverse IP" domain mapping in order
> to detect a ".au" hosted IP address.
> -------------------------------------------------------------

Damion Hill
dhill at wantree.com.au

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