[plug] Debian 2.1 slink

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Tue May 11 14:40:38 WST 1999

> It ships with 2.2.X as well - just install the kernel image.
> But as Jamie pointed out, whatever kernel is on the CD, is bound to be
> obsolete already, because we are up to 2.2.7 already.
> Debian has kernel-image-2.2.5 available as a package so you can just type
> "apt-get install kernel-image-2.2.5" and it will download and install it
> for you.
> You are by far better off downloading your own kernel and compiling that,
> though - it will end up being faster and smaller, and it will be easier to
> keep up to date with the latest.
> It's not that hard, really.
>  - Matt

You might then find this article interesting at:


One section is called "Dispelling the Kernel Compiling Myth" that has some
interesting points about the effect a recompile will have on your system. I
do agree with you're point about there being more to a distro than just the
kernel version it ships with but if you are on a slow network (say a PPP
link or slow ISDN) then having the latest distro on CD can certainly save
you on time and effort.  Besides not everyone wants to tinker "under the
hood". Some people want to drive their boxes. However most of us on this
list probably fall into the high end category where we like to get every bit
of juice out of our hardware. The same can be said about certain types in
the motor industry. The only thing now that needs to be done is to work out
how we can get Chris to show his bewoulf cluster off at "big Boys Toys".
(Picture of illustrious Prez Chris in a colourful shirt proudly displaying
his cluster off while large mechanic types with stubbies, thongs and blue
bonds singlets wonder what all the hype is about !!!!)

Michael Hunt

By the way the 6.0 version of RedHat I installed last night went a treat.
The only thing that broke was squid (because my config file was out of
date). I was wondering If anyone new of a quick way to add IP Masq support
to the box without a recompile ? On Caldera 2.2 these are just modules that
can be easily loaded up by the looks (haven't tested so can't say for sure).

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