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John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Sat May 15 11:16:17 WST 1999

> I don't think it's really a design flaw... it makes sense to me that if
> you send something to a mailing list's reflector address then it will be
> sent to everyone but if you want to manage your subscription to the list
> then this has to be done through a different address.  I'm not sure
> there's any other sensible way of doing it...
> I also don't entirely agree that it has to do with expertise either -
> more to do with basic intelligence and commonsense.  Of course, if a
> person knows how majordomo works then they're unlikely to make the
> mistake but even if they don't, if a person actually bothered to think
> about it (not to mention, read the instructions) then there shouldn't
> really be a problem.  I suppose the Internet has become less about
> thinking and more about clicking.

It's no use knowing how majordomo works if the list's managed with 
smarlist berolist, steward or an  of the many others around the net.

It's entirely sensible to have a one-liner at the end of THIS list telling 
subscribers how to unsubscribe for THIS list. Instructions for THIS list 
may well be entirely different from those for THAT list.

John Summerfield
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