[plug] unsubscribe

Matt Kemner zombie at networx.net.au
Sat May 15 19:37:10 WST 1999

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Garth Atkinson wrote:

> I think it shows a design flaw in majordomo (having seen this a zillion
> times).

I've always wondered why the majordomo authors don't take a leaf out of
smartlist's book.

Smartlist intercepts subscribe & unsubscribe requests sent to the list
It also allows you to use "join" and "leave" rather than "subscribe" and
"unsubscribe", which are easier to type.

I think putting unsubscribe information at the bottom of each message is
just a waste of bandwidth though, because in my opinion nobody ever reads
those, just like they never read the original message they received when
they first subscribed.

 - Matt

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