[plug] re: web access and mail server

Jon L. Miller jlmiller at wantree.com.au
Tue May 18 21:51:20 WST 1999

I need to know the following:
1) can linux handle multiple domains
2) I want to install a Linux server on a NetWare network to handle the following:
	a) all internet access to the ISP (IInet has a package called network affilitate that gives us a permanent 	connection to the internet.
	b) all email to and from the internet
	c) all other remote sites will be dialing into the Novell server (this can be the Linux server) to access e-mail and 	internet access, is this possible with Linux?

Any answers or info where to read up on this would be greatly appreciated.


Jon L. Miller, MCNE ASE
MMT Networks Pty Ltd
EM:mailto:jlmiller at wantree.com.au

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