[plug] CALU

Marc strkefoc at vianet.net.au
Wed May 26 09:29:37 WST 1999

sorry for being ingnorant but if someone would email me to tell me what CALU
since I haven't had the opportunity to go to any meetings lately been to
flat-out can someone sorta update me.

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> > I have passed on some of the CALU brochures, and some people have said
> > that they would like to go but don't have the money, and/or that the
> > workshops that they would want to attend, clash with other workshops
> > that they want to attend.
> >
> > Interest has been expressed in obtaining papers from the conference,
> > or, in obtaining access to papers from the conference.
> Since this is a user-run conference, the point is to gather as much
> high-quality information about Linux and share it in one place.  I
> don't see how we would NOT make the materials freely available.
> Needless to say, it's rare to get this many luminaries down here at
> once; and some of the attendees we've got already add considerable
> weight to the conference.  This is going to be a Linux gathering such
> as we haven't seen before in Australia; you'll kick yourself if you
> miss it...
> Rusty.
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> Tridge, Raster, DaveM, Cort, maddog... Where will you be 9-11 July 1999?
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