[plug] Time & Task Management Tool

Andrew McMeikan andrew.mcmeikan at mitswa.com.au
Mon May 31 16:43:15 WST 1999

Hi Trev,
	sounds like a handy thing to have, I might make myself a rough one
based on a bit of CGI and let you know if its hard.  Ideally it would
be a java app; but its been too long since I have done that.  If you dont
hear back it was too hard ;)  There are comercial products for web/UNIX
that will do this, I suspect they will be overkill.

	cya,	Andrew...

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Trevor Phillips wrote:

> We're getting more emphasis at work to better manage and record what
> tasks we do, and the Powers that Be are after a good Time and Task
> Management Tool. Basically, something to help log work activities, and
> produce summaries & such.
> Now, I'd write one myself, but I don't have the time, and neither does
> anyone else here, so my Boss is on the Hunt for a ready-made one that'll
> do the job and do it well. Normally a sane person, he suggested that we
> may go with a Micro$oft solution, even to the point of engaging a
> "Microsoft-wise developer"!
> Argh!!
> So, does anyone know of such a product? Preferrably a web-based one,
> running on a UNIX system. Doesn't have to be OpenSource/Free (I can
> gurantee a Micro$oft one won't be, no matter the Educational discounts)
> ...
> "Help me PLUG ML! You are my only hope! ... Help me PLUG ML! You are my
> only hope! ..."
> ^_^;;
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