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Phillip Steege psteege at tpg.com.au
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Try RedHat 6.2  If you just use the defaults, it puts most everything in /usr.
I just got the $4.95 CD from Linux System Labs Australia and that's what it did to my 6Gb disk.
The new GUI installer is very nice.


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Hey ho..

Im currently running Mandrake 6.1 on a PII-300/128M etc... Ive been using
Linux for a couple of years now...

Anyway, my quandry is, I used to use RedHat, now Mandrake. But Im sick to
death of RPM and all its dependencies. All I wanted to do was install
enlightenment from CVS, and it turned into a massive production. I cant even
imagine trying to upgrade to Xfree86 4.0.... what a mess RPM makes. 

What I would like to do is rebuild my box from the ground up... I hate the
way most distributions stick stuff (especially libraries) wherever it
pleases.... I'd like to keep everything not in a *basic* install in
/usr/local... and I would like to build the whole lot from source (use the
source Luke!). 

I would like to avoid, however, the need to compile *everything*. Is there a
clean, uncluttered distribution which wont fill /etc with config files Ill
never use, and have 43000 programs in /usr/bin I dont even know the function


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