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Scott, Simon Simon.Scott at SEALCORP.com.au
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Yeh, problem being, everything it installs are .rpm packages. This causes
all sorts of problems if you want to install something that is *not*
available in rpm format (in my case, CVS enlightenment). It is a pain,
because you have to break dependencies in order to upgrade underlying
libraries etc which sometimes are only available in tar.gz format. For
example, I wanted to upgrade libpng to 1.0.6, and I had no --nodeps to
remove the old libpng (1.0.2). Once those dependencies are broken, rpm's
value decreases dramatically.

Redhat (and Mandrake) are perfect if you dont need to run cutting edge code.
As long as you are willing to wait for 'releases' in rpm format, everything
is cool. Although I still dont like all the junk RedHat installs....

On a related but seperate topic:

I have a HP8020i (internal IDE 6x2x2 rewriter) in my machine. Are there many
tools around to use the rewritable functionality? The perfect scenario would
be for me to be able to create a filesystem on the rewritable and then mount
it read/write. 

Any clues?

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Try RedHat 6.2  If you just use the defaults, it puts most everything in
I just got the $4.95 CD from Linux System Labs Australia and that's what it
did to my 6Gb disk.
The new GUI installer is very nice.


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