[plug] Advice needed

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Mon Apr 10 13:26:34 WST 2000

> example, I wanted to upgrade libpng to 1.0.6, and I had no --nodeps to
> remove the old libpng (1.0.2). Once those dependencies are broken, rpm's
> value decreases dramatically.

Wasn't there a newer libpng available as rpm?

I run Debian, and have found that if a new version of a library comes out,
there is a .deb package available for it within days.
If not, I can usually apply the Debian patch to the source package, and
use the debian system to compile a new Debian package, which can then be
installed easily with dpkg. (which is Debian's equivalent to rpm)

I'd be surprised if you couldn't do something similar with rpm (although
perhaps not with the ease, but that has been covered in previous threads)


 - Matt

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