[plug] linux/hardware drivers.

Mark Davis mdavis at stmarys.wa.edu.au
Mon Apr 10 13:13:47 WST 2000

Hi all,
I'm new to PLUG and while I've been using/playing with linux for nearly 2 years I am still a bit of a newbie.
Could some one point me to a site that supply's drivers for my modem/sound card (aopen 56k flex internal ) and my printer ( Lexmark 1020 ).
I've been to the factory sites but they don't seem to support linux.( The Bums )
Are there any generic drivers?
At the moment I run Corel's new linux but I'm open to change if I have to.
My machine is a Celeron 333 with 128Meg ram and 4gig H/D.



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