[plug] Setting up ISDN and SCSI HDDs to swap

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Thu Apr 13 12:25:39 WST 2000

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, John Breen wrote:

> am thinking of getting ISDN to connect it (and the LAN that
> it's part of) to the net.  I would appreciate any sort of advice as to
> what I might need to do other than putting in an ISDN card on the Linux
> box and rebuilding the kernel with ISDN support.

The ISDN drivers that come with the kernel are outdated, so you will need
to get the latest version from the ISDN people.
As mentioned before on the list, Traverse is an Australian company that
sells Linux friendly ISDN cards, and have complete Linux instructions &
software on their website (http://www.traverse.com.au) so I strongly
suggest you look there.
> The box will be running Debian and will start life with a standard
> serial modem acting as a gateway for the LAN.  I would guess that as
> long as its set to gatway, I can just change the connection to ISDN, am
> I right?

Yes, the rest of your LAN won't need to be reconfigured at all.
In fact, if the ISP modem pool you dial for modem and ISDN is the same,
you can probably get away with only changing one thing on the Linux box
(the serial port pppd uses) because the ISDN drivers will emulate a modem
on /dev/ttyI0. You are recommended to use the ipppd instead though and
access the ISDN card direct.

 - Matt

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