[plug] off-topic slightly

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Thu Apr 27 09:24:52 WST 2000

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Scott, Simon wrote:

> I have seen the Abit BP6 Dual Socket370 mobo....

The BP6 would have been your best bet on both counts - you don't need
adapters, because the celerons plug straight into the board, and the board
is pre-hacked to allow SMP.. However, last I heard the BP6 has been
recalled, because of a problem with the last batch.. All the wholesalers I
spoke to said there was a rumour of a new Abit Dual Celeron board in the

> is there any special brand of adapter I need, or will any ppga s370 converter do?

Many converter boards now support SMP - they will say so on the box.
I bought the MSI v1.1 ones, because at the time (12 months ago) they were
the only ones available for SMP, but these days I have seen several
different brands.. Out of the 3 different brands DMA (wholesaler) stocks,
at least one is SMP compatible.

btw if you want stability, the ASUS P2B-D is still the best board to go
for (though you pay the price for it) but I have no idea how well it

 - Matt

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