[plug] help Printing Letter size Ghostscript pages on A4 paper.

stephen. steve at newton.dialix.com.au
Tue Jan 11 19:43:38 WST 2000

I have some very large 200+ pages ducumants to print
on my HP lazerjet IIID  (duplex version of laserjet III)
 and when i print em the prointer continually ( every 1-6 pages)
complains and askes me to load letter size paper - How can i tell the
ghostscript to 
print to my usual A4 paper insted.

I have told my printer my A4 paper is letter paper but it
still keeps stopping and asking for letter paper.
(Perhaps It could could tell i was lying to it - those HP Laserjet III's
arent easy to fool).

Any solution to this other than pressing the continue button on the
printer ever few pages is appreciated.

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