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Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Jan 20 09:31:02 WST 2000

Oh, how embarrassing! Due to Netscape instability, I've been using PINE
for EMail, and I never set the "user domain", ergo, it was using my Linux
Box address (which can receive mail, but I don't read it; time to set up a
*grins sheepishly*

Thanks to Matt Kemner for setting me straight. ^_^;;

Anyway, as a result, I've been trying to mail this to the list this week,
so here goes Take III:


Just thought I'd mention that the West Australian from the Saturday just
passed contained the official Job Ad for Web Technical Officer here at

This is a new position, working under myself, and primarily involves
development and maintenance of Web-related applications and Utilities in a
UNIX environment. Currently, our servers run Solaris, although we may soon
be shifting to Debian/Intel servers. Programming is primarily in Perl,
with extensive use of mod_perl and FastCGI, under Apache webserver.

The official Blurb in the paper went like this:

Web Technical Officer - Fixed Term - 12 Months

The Office of Information Technology Services is seeking to appoint a Web
Technical Officer. The successful appointee will participate in the
development and support of the University's web services through
programming, research, documentation, consultation and system monitoring.

Further information: For  the selection criteria and further information
about this position, please contact Robert Morales on telephone (08) 9360
2782 or email r.morales at murdoch.edu.au

Salary Range: HEW Level 5/6: $34.5k to $41.5k (Salary packaging will be

Method of Application: Applicants should address the prerequisite and
selection criteria in writing and MUST obtain an application information
package BEFORE applying. An original plus two copies (all unbound) of an
application are required. These are to be sent by mail, not fax or e-mail,
to The Recruitment Officer, Office of Human Resources, Murdoch University,
Murdoch WA, 6150 by Friday 28 January 2000.

(Same info available here:

Ring Robert for further info, or EMail me if you have any queries.

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