[plug] This Mailing list

Christian christian at global.net.au
Thu Jan 27 15:41:43 WST 2000

John Summerfield wrote:
> Highly improbable; if sendmail were that bad, nobody at all would use it.
> However, sendmail is, if not the most-used MTA, then close to it. Plug's
> list is hardly a high-activity one.

I've heard it often repeated that sendmail doesn't work well with large
lists.  Of course, that's just me listening to hearsay again (and the
fact that most of the large lists I'm on use either Postfix or qmail or
a combination of the two).

As for your reasoning that "if sendmail were that bad, nobody at all
would use it", how do you explain Windows?  Clearly this reasoning is
flawed.  Numerous poor products become so well-entrenched before people
realise their shortcomings that it is difficult to change.  sendmail's
broad installed base is something of an example, although of course
there are better ones.
> Matt's remarks regarding differences between procmail and smartlist, if
> accurate, constitute a much more satisfying explanation: mailing one by
> one could indeed take quite a while.

This explanation did certainly make more sense since, as you imply, PLUG
is hardly that big a list.  Of course, the observation remains that for
large lists sendmail just can't handle it.



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