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Paul Dean paul at canningcollege.wa.edu.au
Thu Oct 5 14:43:10 WST 2000

At 14:08 5/10/2000 +0800, you wrote:
>Just a couple of (hopefully) quickies:
>1.  I have just installed a new system via ftp from my existing
>machine.  The install found my Etherlink III card with no worries and
>the FTP install all went according to plan.  When I reboot, the
>network card doesn't get set up, so I can't see any other machines on
>the network.  Any ideas, anyone?

Check to see if you have ifcfg-eth0 in your 
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/, and check your route table "route" to see 
if it has been added.

>2.  (On the other Linux box...) I use this box to fetch my mail from
>my ISP (via fetchmail).  When I (from my Winblows box) try to pop my
>mail from the Linux box, nothing seems to happen.  Looking in the
>logs reveals that inetd is trying to call ipop3d (well, duh...),
>which isn't there.  What gives?  I thought installing inetd installed
>all these helper apps??  If not, can anyone tell me which rpm I might
>find it in?

You need to install pop3 separate "imap-4.7-5.i386.rpm" if you are running 
RH6.2, this is on you CD. Then edit your inetd.conf file in /etc and 
uncomment "pop3d" line and or "imapd" too if you want to use that.

>Oh, and to all the guys who responded with info about pmFirewall,
>thanks - it looks really good, and if I can get the time to set it
>all up properly, should do just the job I need it to...
>John Breen

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