[plug] honeymoon is over - Telstra introduces traffic cap on freedom ADSL

Simon Scott simon.scott at flexiplan.com
Thu Jun 7 09:04:33 WST 2001

	Exactly my thoughts.

	Its like me saying to you 'free icecream!' and then telling you
'well, it aint quite free and its kinda not icecream'

	Ridiculous or not, I paid to connect to an Unlimited plan, where the
only form of 'unreasonableness' was where they would single you out and ask
you to curtail your downloading.

	I might not even download 3 gig a month, Im not really sure. Thats
the other point. They expect people to make a decision about this in the
next two weeks *before* they provide functionality to check how much you
download/upload. Ill have usage statistics for the last month thanks. Then I
can make a decision. But with no info, I am forced to disconnect within the
two weeks. It may be that Im download 10G per month. I cant afford an extra
$190 per gig if Im wrong.

	If you cant afford to provide the service, dont offer the service.

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	Leon Blackwell wrote:

	> Feel free to flam^H^H^H^Hcorrect me if you want to, but I really
	> can't understand why people get upset when they're limited to
	> *only* 3GB.

	Because when they signed up, they signed up for an *unlimited* use
	A 3GB limit, although it's high, is still a limit.

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