[plug] Sendmail mail to MS Exchange

Steve Baker sbaker at icg.net.au
Fri Jun 8 16:40:54 WST 2001

Hey Mark,

I'm not an exchange expert, but I'm guessing that if there is no SMTP then
the MS clients would be using MAPI (MS's Mail API) to talk to the exchange

I think I remember hearing somewhere that there is a configuration option on
the server to enable SMTP services.  Servers receiving email from the rest
of the world obviously have to turn this on, servers hosting a post office
inside a larger network generally don't need it.  Or, it could be turned on
already, and there might be a firewall in the way as Christian suggested.

Talk to the exchange administrator there.  There must be one - how can
anyone possibly run exchange without a dedicated administrator?

Steve Baker
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> Can't connect via telnet to port 25 either. I actually thought that
> clients used something other than SMTP for sending (which is all i care
> about).
> Any more ideas?
> mn

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