[plug] HELP! What is the bare minimum for running Linux with InterBase 6.0

Sean Darcy sean at geedee.com.au
Wed Jun 13 10:18:18 WST 2001

Hello all

I have never used Linux b4 and are currently  swatting to resolve a prob.
I am trying to setup a Linux Redhat Server. The interface I would like to
use is TCP/IP for running InterBase as a server.

Can anyone advise on the smallest install and how to mapping  the
Interbase has a management software called IBConsole. Can we run this
through windows on another machine...?

Thanking all in advance.

Kindest regards 
Sean Darcy MCP MSS A+  
GeeDee Realty Systems 
Phone: 9364 6677 
Fax:     9364 7433 
email:  sean at geedee.com.au 
web:    http://www.geedee.com.au/
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