[plug] Linux NFS client to Solaris HSM NFS server

Simon Scott simon.scott at flexiplan.com
Fri Jun 15 09:47:20 WST 2001

	:) everything is hacked.... its just a side effect that the vendors
have a 'big name' that you think its not :)

	Is NFS3ERR_JUKEBOX a posix error? Is it in Linux? Grep the sources
and see.......

	Quite possibly it could be a bug, but I doubt it. More than likely
it is Sun's own 'standard', that hasnt been implemented into linux.

	From:	Raven <ian.kent at pobox.com> on 14-06-2001 08:29 PM
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	Subject:	Re: [plug] Linux NFS client to Solaris HSM NFS

	Simon Scott wrote:

	>         I would guess that the solaris version of the nfs client
has been
	> hacked to implement this 'blocking', and the linux version hasnt.
	> you will find that there is no such thing as 'blocking' under NFS
but they
	> had to implement it to avoid time-outs etc..

	Hacked? That's a strange way to describe support for large scale
data management

	I have had a response from a Sun engineer (on the Linux NFS list)
which said
	that the Solaris client waits and then retries after recieving an
	NFS3ERR_JUKEBOX from the server. This error code is present in the
	include files shiped with Solaris.

	>         I guess you could change the client yourself to grab that
	> print the message, and try again. Perhaps someone has had the same
	> and already has a patch?

	Not out of the question, but that would mean becoming familiar with
the Linux
	NFS code base. No small task that one.

	>         Is anyone here familiar with the nfs client source?

	Yes, there are several people on the Linux NFS list, to which this
message has
	also been posted.

	It would be great if someone on this list was able to help also.

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