[plug] PalmPilot m100

Phil Steege psteege at tpg.com.au
Fri Jun 15 20:38:13 WST 2001

On Saturday 16 June 2001 01:43 am, Mark Nold wrote:
> There is a lot of tools for Palms out there (see freshmeat.net), when i
> installed RH7.1 with KDE it came with KPilot which is the only tool i use
> (sync, backup, edit memo's, addresses + file transfer). I also have a slew
> of command line tools like pilot-xfer and pilot-mail.

I like Jpilot also.  No problems setting it up and syncing.
I am using a Palm IIIc, so I cannot help you with the m100 unit.
I am waiting for KOrganizer to get Palm support.  They promise it will be 
there soon.  Maybe in KDE 2.2
The command line tools are pretty powerful also.  Check out the pilot command 
line tools by doing a "man pilot-link".  (assumes you have the pilot-link rpm 


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