[plug] Modem faster under Linux?

Mark Nold markn at enspace.com
Sat Jun 16 10:34:51 WST 2001

Hi guys,

I just installed a firewall with smoothwall and my 56K modem. When im 
downloading files now i get around 6-7KB / Second , compared to the same modem 
giving me 3-4KB MAX before under windows. This is great by why would this be 
so? My understanding has been that a 56K modem maximum should be 7Kilobytes / 
second and now i seem to be reaching that.

BTW: Smoothwall seems very good, i've been running it for a few days now and 
quite impressed. The install and config was extreemly simple, and the web 
interface is fantastic for a headless box.

Pleasantly surprised,


Mark Nold
markn at enspace.com
Senior Consultant

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