[plug] kernel 2.4.5 issue

Christian christian at amnet.net.au
Sun Jun 17 11:27:27 WST 2001

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 01:47:26AM +0800, Bernard Blackham wrote:
> Uncompressing linux...
> ran out of input data
>  -- System halted
> and freezes there. I've done searches on the net and it seems like a
> somewhat common problem, but most of the solutions I found were problems
> with lilo and people not running lilo. But being GRUB and all, it's not
> that applicable. One message on GRUB's mailing list pointed to an unknown
> bug in the kernel back in a test kernel 2.4.0. Any ideas?

Do you think it's a problem with the boot loader?  I understood that the
Linux kernel image was compressed but there was a little bit of code at
the start of it to decompress the rest of the image and load the code
into memory.  The boot loader doesn't know anything about decompressing
the kernel.  Therefore the message above would be coming from the kernel
and would indicate a fault with that and not with the boot loader.

DSA 0x0EC1D28C: BBCB 0D79 4EBB 078A A066  7267 8BED E9D6 0EC1 D28C

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