[plug] upgrading to Duron

Mark marks at omninet.net.au
Fri Jun 29 16:42:51 WST 2001

> I want a Duron and motherboard as I have the rest ready to go.  I'm
> looking for some advice on:
> 1) What speed chip to buy.  Of course higher is better, but I remember
> reading that there was an increase in FSB speed between two models.
>  Anyone know what I am talking about?


I have a Duron 850 Abit KT7 combination as suggested by Scott.  Both the
board and the 
chip are well priced. 
And as suggested I bought extra RAM with the money I saved.

This board also supports the the 266Mhz core in the Athalon Thunderbird
if you have the 
dosh to go that way later.
If thats what you mean about the different FSB speeds.  The Duron only
comes in the 200Mhz flavour.

Has been running about 2 months I'm pretty happy with it. 


> 2) What motherboard I should buy, but I should be asking which chipset
> works best with Linux?
> 3) Anyone had any problems/gotchas using AMD chips/chipsets?
> Hope someone can help.
> Regards
> Darrell

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