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Milan Pospisil Milan.Pospisil at swantafe.wa.edu.au
Wed Aug 20 11:23:12 WST 2003

Hi Kim,
 When I said that: "...this is something that has not been put on the PLUG event calendar" I ment exactly what I said ie that this is an event which has not been put on the PLUG calendar. Nothing more or less. 
 I did not by any means try to make any criticism that it should have  been put there as there might be a good reason why that was not done. If I felt  that it should have been arranged othervise I can assure you that it is within my capability to say so. 
 As far as magic is concern - well, I am not a magician but I know this: if you use a half way decent language and some half way decent manners rather than having a go at everyone at any given oportunity, that by itself might work miracles.
                                                                                                                                                             Milan Pospisil

>>> kim at linmagau.org 08/19/03 04:46pm wrote: >>>
On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 04:01:34PM +0800, Milan Pospisil wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> It aint no stupid question as this is something that has not been put on the PLUG event calendar. 

Did someone want this to happen ?

It isnt magic out here.. you only have to ask and it gets done..

Please send me the details..
Venue address, site or email contact, time and frequency of meetings and it will get done.


> Briefly, the story goes like this: Some time ago Garry organised a workshop at Kwinana Arts Centre and few blokes came and have since been meeting there every third Wednesday of the month. 
> If you go back to somewhere around May 03 and look at the mail to the list under Kwinana Arts Centre you will probably find more how it all started.
>                   Regards
>                                 Milan Pospisil
> >>> sscott at iinet.net.au 08/19/03 03:19pm wrote: >>>
> sorry for the stupid question but:
> for what?
> > Hi Folks;
> >              Anyone going to Kwinana Arts Centre tomorrow night? Last  time
> the attendance was rather decimated, so I thought I better ask if anyone is
> comming at all.
> >                         Regards
> >                                       Milan Pospisil

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