[plug] Linux thin clients

Daniel Pearson gpearson at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 26 15:14:19 WST 2003

Minitar.. . If theres a large enough order, I'm sure I could arrange
something. Anyone else interested?

IIRC, PCI + PCMCIA, both around $45-50.


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> On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 02:51 pm, Craig Ringer wrote:
> > > Apparently one of VIA's C3 boards will come with a PCMCIA slot as well
> > > as 2 NICs. Does that help?
> >
> > Actually, thinking about it a little more (in other words, my brain
> > failed to engage a few minutes ago), that would do the job OK. We'll see
> > what the prices are like. The VIA one will be more powerful (faster CPU,
> > expandable RAM, etc), and if it has PCI it'll be almost as flexible, but
> > we'll see how it goes.
> >
> > What really interests me about the Soekris board is the ability to add a
> > /mini-PCI/ wireless card. They don't have a built-in antenna, but rather
> > their own small antenna connector ... so I could put a good antenna
> > somewhere, without having to worry too much about where the firewall
> > was. Maybe there are PCI cards with that, too, though.
> Yes there are :-) I have one like that :-) (a compaq wl200 which
> has linux support - its on its way into my p166 firewall machine just as
> as I get my UPS batteries replaced) afaik the cheap minitar ones ($69 at
> pcrange.biz and I've seen them cheaper in Perth but can't remember where
> hand) have a detachable antenna and supposedly an opensource (don't know
> licence) linux driver
> >
> > Craig Ringer
> Quintin

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