[plug] OpenServer on Linux (was: Tel$tra on Linux)

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.fdns.net
Tue Sep 2 18:13:12 WST 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003 17:16, Craig Ringer wrote:
> We need OpenServer for our ancient Accounts & Bookings system,
> which is a custom application written in Plain English for
> Microsoft Xenix/386. It runs under SCO only in a Xenix kernel
> personality, and there's no hope of getting the binaries
> running under Linux (except in a VM - and what would be the
> point?).

Er... havng been saddled with a SCO OpenServer box myself (5.0.5m), I've 
been looking into Linux-ABI. Two of the things that Linux-ABI sports 
are a Xenix personality and a '286-executable loader.

My current holdup on completely replacing SOS (appropriate acronym) is 
that gcc 3.2.2 is spitting a compiler error over a chunk of the SVR3 
personality code.

These guys need five serial terminals, and the Stallion installer for an 
EasyIO 4 requires networking - which these guys don't have a licence 
for (no, I'm serious, you get to licence TCP separately with this dog). 
The easiest solution will be to move it to Linux if it will go, the 
alternative is to buy a new OpenServer licence plus TCP, just to run 
this friggin' installer. The stock-control/cash-register app is by 
PacSoft, and it's a long-forgotten one with no Linux support.

Cheers; Leon

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