[plug] Please help.. i'm desperate

Sham Chukoury chukours at ses.curtin.edu.au
Sun Sep 21 12:08:40 WST 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 07:29, Daniel Pearson wrote:

> Yes, I have tried it with all the phones unplugged. Yes, when phones are
> plugged in I have 2 filters on my Panasonic phone. Yes, I have tried having
> just my standard Telstra phone plugged in and not my Panasonic.

You mean you tried it with your standard Telstra plugged in *with* a
line filter between the phone and the line? :P
When you unplugged everything, did you leave the filters plugged in or
did you take them out as well?

> Thing is, however - Telstra came out, plugged their modem in and of course,
> as the past has shown - it worked fine.
> "No problem", says the guy - "That will be $xxx.xx"

Plugged their modem in.. for how long? You did say that the loss of line
synch happens after a few hours. Did they run the test long enough to
reproduce the problem?

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