[plug] Fedora changes in Samba ?

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Fri Apr 2 16:42:08 WST 2004

Scott Middleton wrote:

>I also built a new XP Pro machine and changed the registry keys back to
>default on another XP Pro machine. Both of them went on to the domain
>without trouble. 
Is that using SP1?

I read that you weren't supposed to have to change the registry with 
Samba 3.0 either.. but it came up with errors joining the domain if I 
didn't even with 3.0.1.  So changing it fixed the problem for me....

Just like unix password sync is supposed to work properly as well, but 
it doesn't appear to.  I posted to the Samba list about that and John 
Terpstra checked my config and said he got the same thing.. so I posted 
a bug report.

Its probably more inconsistent behaviour on the part of Windows if 
anything.  We all know that WindowsUpdate patches have in the past 
"fixed" more things than the update said it was for.

/ Ben

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