restoring /. files with rsync was: Re: [plug] apt-get remove fails

Cameron Patrick cameron at
Sun Apr 4 12:54:18 WST 2004

Russ Powers wrote:

| But I do have a question now about rsync. when I do an rsync -ar from the 
| backup to this machine, it doesn't restore my . files. Is there a flag I'm 
| missing?

Hmm, I don't think so.  (In fact, -a implies -r so you don't need to
specify both, but that's another matter entirely.)  Perhaps you're
doing something like  "rsync -a server:/backup/foo/* ."  rather than
"rsync -a server:/backup/foo/ ."?  The latter definitely works, the
former almost certainly won't as when the shell expands the *, it
won't include dot files.


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