List admin explanation [was: Re: [plug] how sk_buff works in sending packet?]

Brad Campbell brad at
Tue Apr 6 20:48:26 WST 2004

James Devenish wrote:
  this is that it's the admins' collective "fault" that Parag's messages
> were delayed until the current time. I realise they will seem
> 'antagonistic', coming after your comprehensive reply, but it is not my
> job to censor people's Linux-related posts.

I did note the date.. I also noted that that particular E-mail was cc'd to linux-kernel, Alan Cox 
and a crapload of other lug's. It just seemed sus..

Anyway.. I'll put my bat away and crawl back in my hole now.. I'm trying to cleanly interface a C 
library to C++ code while having the library call back to the C++ code with only a pointer for 
context information while having the whole lot reentrant and threadsafe.. My head hurts.


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