[plug] Attention, webcritters!

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Fri Apr 9 12:46:05 WST 2004

James Devenish wrote:

| In message <200404090927.07574.leon at brooks.fdns.net>
| on Fri, Apr 09, 2004 at 09:27:07AM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
| >  1. There is no obvious contact address. There should be one (probably
| >     committee at ...) on the front page.
| >  2. There is no obvious place to start at all. We need a simple link
| >     near the top of the page that says "START HERE",
| Anyone know how to add such links to the menus? Perhaps add a link to
| the 'General Information' section of the FAQ? (May have to ask Kim for
| instructions or additional privileges.)

I have no idea how to do stuff :-(  Apparently I've now got full
priviledges over everything (short of shell access to xbox) but
Postnuke seems unnecessarily complicated to do simple things.

(IMNSHO Plug would be better served with flat HTML pages which would
look uglier but be easier for people to find information on and for us
to edit--but that's another issue again.  Or maybe Postnuke is okay
when you get used to it...)

| I think at least a couple of committee members have some form of
| admin access for the website.

Bernard and I have Postnuke admin rights.  Bernard has root on xbox.
Mark Gaynor and yourself /should/ have some kind of access, too.

| >  3. The last meeting notice is over a month old.
| What meeting do you mean?

Presumably the Tuesday seminar.  Neither the Monday workshop nor the
Tuesday seminar for this month have been added to the calendar on the
web site.

| Hopefully there's someone reading this e-mail who knows how to drive
| the calendar.

Kind of.  If someone could give me a blurb suitable for putting up on
the calendar, I could add it.  For the moment I've just put up this
month's second Tuesday and fourth Monday events with generic-ish text
copied from previous meetings.  I've also mentioned Plaka; the wording
is shamelessly stolen off an email from Daniel back in February.


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