[plug] Phew! That was close - Was: Richard Alston could chairTelstra: PM

Senectus - senectuskal at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 20 06:36:57 WST 2004

I love the quote "So, sighs of relief all round, not least from federal 
Opposition communications spokesman Lindsay Tann. Tann had already condemned 
the proposed appointment as the equivalent of "putting Chopper Read in 
charge of the prison system"."

That has to be one of the best quotes to come out of the Gov in years..



“I don’t think Bastard goes anywhere near to describing the unmitigated scum 
sucking, bottom feeding toerag that is me. But hey – who knew shit could be 
worth so much…”  - Simon Travaglia BOFH (Could have easily been Darl McBride 
that said it though)

>bob wrote:
>| Those Australians who value their telecommunications infrastructure
>will be
>| delighted to hear that former federal communications minister Richard
>| Alston has ruled himself out of the running for the vacant Telstra chair.
>Leaving the running to Alan Jones of 2gb? Perish the thought!!!
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