[plug] a bit more initrd confusion :-(

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Tue Apr 20 06:57:05 WST 2004

Dear PLUG list members,

Thanks to those who responded to my earlier confusion!  I will reply
including a "mkinitrd for the first time" synopsis in case it will help
others along the way.   Meantime I have gathered the bits and pieces
together for my first initrd BUT cannot see how the new kernel - which has
not yet been loaded - can be specified as an argument to the mkinitrd

By that I mean...

a) I have a mostly-non-modular kernel 2.4.25 so if I do uname -r I get
2.4.25    uname -r is used in the mkinitrd script to deteremine the
location of modules for the fresh kernel.

b) My new kernel is 2.4.26 and this time the scsi driver will be modular

c) If I therefore do mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd.img /dev/sda3    how does
the mkinitrd process determine that it is the 2.4.26 kernel I want
initrd'ed and not the current 2.4.25 kernel??????

I'll have a play on a non-production system first, of course, but I would
like to understand the process rather than just rely on some automagical
procedure.   I've looked through - and grep'ped - the mkinitrd script to
try to see where the new kernel, maybe as bzImage or as vmlinuz or other
likely-sounding name is referenced but I have come up blank.


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