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Senectus - wrote:
| Hey guys, the  16 port HUB that I'll be donating to PLUG didn't have a
| power transformer (cuortesy of my chihuahua) so I went out and bought a
| multi pourpose transformer thinking that it should work fine with this
| HUB..
| Stupidly I didn't check what the requirements were for the HUB and it
| looks like the trasnformer I bought will be of no use..
| The HUB needs "5vdc 5.0A" and the tranformer will do (among much higher
| or lower settings) either "4.5vdc or 6vdc" and 500mA...
| My question is, does anyone know if it really matters that much if its
| .5vdc lower that required or 1vdc higher???
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Either of these outputs, rated at 500mA, is capable of supplying only
1/10 the current the HUB needs. Do not use it!!! The voltage disparity
is small beer in the worry scales in comparison...

5 Amps = 5000mA



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