[plug] Gnome Un/Mount

Timothy White weirdo at tigris.org
Mon Dec 20 17:32:39 WST 2004

Bill Kenworthy wrote:
> I am interested in this too - I went so far as to ask on the gnome list
> and got criticised for not liking how gnome 2.6 is set up.  Taking their
> advice to get used to the current (lack of) functionality because this
> was the way the gnome gods were decreeing it as being short sighted, I
> installed KDE, but find it too lolly-ish so went back to gnome and its
> annoyances as the lesser of the evils.
> I have been able to fix a few of the "features" such as the way they
> turned nautilus into a microsoft filemanager clone that spawns a new
> window for every mouse click, but this one has eluded me.
This sounds very much like my situation. It was nice that they provided 
a way to change the nautilus behaviour but so far I haven't found the 
mount fix.
I liked Gnome initially for its appearance and its flexibility. 
Unfortunately it appears to be loosing flexibility. I hope some Gnome 
developer reads this and brings it up.
IMHO the menu was a lot quicker and easier, no extra windows to open.

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