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Thu Jun 24 20:04:43 WST 2004

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>I'm of two minds on this.. I prefer forums due to their extra
>and neater more structured layout. Not to mention the amazing
>function (when people use them)
>But mail lists are a much quicker "lighter" solution.
>If we were to use a forum, it would have to be heavily policed and
>many of the "multi media features" removed, other wise it'll just
>become like any other forum... a massive waste of resources with
>little chunks of useful information hidden inside.
>Not to mention that forums require a much beefier infrastructure, and
>that can be quite costly.
>Attacking Linus' integrity and character is like clubbing baby seals.
>- PJ, Groklaw.net

i agree , i think we need something that doesnt have all the extra
fruit in it, i cant see how we would need a large infrastructure to
run just one forum.

i think the search functionality is a great way to create a archive
of all the great snipits of knowledge for new users and old users.

ive used phpbb and find that to be a great peice of open source
what do you think

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