[plug] GLX, Nvidia on Debian system

Kirk Turner gameldar at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 09:24:10 WST 2005

> One thing I can say for NVidia, they do seem to write quality and well
> maintained drivers. Closed source arguments aside, those drivers are the
> reason they get my business, and I don't think I've had a problem with
> them (except occasional compatability with very new X11 / distro
> releases) in very long time.
> Sure, I'd prefer the drivers to be open source, but as it is I'm happy
> to have them at all. Congrats to NVidia.

Yes, I'm impressed too - for project looking glass (lg3d.dev.java.net)
which I work on we require the Composite extension and render
acceleration to be enabled to the same time - one of the main
developers approached ATI about support for this and they haven't been
supportive suggesting that they would do so when there was enough
demand. So I try and get Nvidia cards whenever I can - its a pity they
aren't available in the low end laptop space.


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