[plug] Slackware Mail Server

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Sat Dec 10 20:33:37 WST 2005

I've personally used Sendmail, qmail and Postfix. 

I dislike Sendmail due to it's very non-logical (IMHO) way of being 
configured for various scenarios.  It can do a lot of things.. but I 
tend to think of it as being a fair bit too bloated and cumbersome.  I 
have also used qmail, and whilst its alright, I don't use it anymore and 
switched away from it to Postfix a few years ago.

I actively use Postfix now and like the logical way it handles mail.  
Basically there isn't much you can't do with it, and it interfaces very 
easily with quite a number of pieces of software for email filtering.  
It can be used for very high mail throughput environments without issue, 
and runs fine.

/ Ben

Benjamin Woods wrote:

> Is sendmail OVERLY complicated do you think? or is it a good thing 
> that i eventually learn a bit about it?
> Should i use one of these?: postfix, exim, courier, qmail, ssmtp?

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