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Joong Cho joongcho at westnet.com.au
Sun Dec 11 15:07:17 WST 2005

Thanks guys.

> Linux doesn't care who made the RAM. Only your hardware - mostly the
> motherboard's memory controller, or on an AMD64 / Opteron system the CPU
> - will care. Bad RAM == hardware problem.

Also, with my bad kernel error, should I first try pulling out each RAM's 
first and then try replacing the motherboard to see if that works or should 
I try replacing the motherboard all together?  Before I try the motherboard 
thing, is an Intel Mainboard 865PERLL with Lan a good motherboard to start 
off with?

I need to get myself an anti-static mat and wriststraps before I do any 
work. I would hate to ruin my server computer.

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