[plug] Slackware Mail Server

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Mon Dec 12 21:35:01 WST 2005

Benjamin Woods wrote:

>The reason I am using fetchmail rather than forwarding mail is because I am not
>currently certain of how constant my server can be (dynamic dns... etc). If i
>was to forward my mail, but my server was down... would it get lost? 
Nope, the mail will just spool up (deferred) on the mail server you're 
forwarding the mail from until your mail server is accessible.  
Typically most mail servers will hold onto mail for at least 4 days 
until giving up on trying to deliver the mail.

>I dont have a shell account at iinet i dont think. i cant seem to log into
>anything, so cant set up forwarding that way. is there another way to set up
>iinet mail forwarding? or can i log into a server there somehow?
I'm not with iiNet, but do they have something within a customer login 
area, or potentially from a webmail facility to set mail forward options?

/ Ben

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