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Mark J Gaynor wrote:

>Going back on previous posts I found this snippet:-
>----------------------------- snip -----------------------------
>I may sound like I'm beating the same drum but instead of trying to
>be good at everything the Linux desktop should find its true target
>persona and be truly great at that one thing. 
>Is the persona for Linux a business user or a gamer?
>The business user doesn't want an OS that lets their employees
>play games. The gamer doesn't want an OS that doesn't play games.
>Whose problem do we want to solve? If you try to satisfy everyone you
>end up satisfying no one.
>----------------------------- snip -----------------------------
>I think the last part says it all. In the M$ world, being everything to
>everyone ends up as bloteware. Is it any wander that you need huge
>amounts of ram and cutting edge processor speed to do anything. I
>remember when the Linux environment used to load quite fast once you
>made the optimizations that M$ does as part of its install. Now it takes
>forever to load a desktop. 
>I have lost count the number of times I have done a linux distro install
>only to find on reboot the graphical interface is not functioning, but
>wait, I just had a graphical interface for my install ??????????
>Who cares if the right video driver is available, the point is there was a
>GUI running before now there's not. You can always install the correct
>driver later, as is the case with M$.
>The old saying, first impression is a lasting impression, is so true. Only
>geeks can get this going, therefore it is a geeks platform! Am I a geek!!!
>Let us focus on our target market, today's Mr and Mrs average, this
>is where acceptance will come from. If they can't get it going for
>themselves they are less likely to consider this is the new age
>operating system and is it for them. Probably not, its too hard to get it
Very well written!  That is the most concise written version I've seen 
of what I am constantly saying to other people.

I agree!!

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