[plug] problum with getting on the net & more info

David davidatt at conceptual.net.au
Fri Dec 23 05:55:03 WST 2005

Hi All & jonathan,

i will go to do that now and i will ring my isp up to get my setting 
from them on my new account.

all so i have more info from netcomm all so i will do this as well.

Hi David,

from what you have written I undersand that you may have to lower the MTU.
Log onto the modem through your browser ( and go to 
Once you are there, change MTU to 1472 and tick "enforse MTU". Click 
Apply->Save Settings->Restart Router.
Please keep me posted.


NetComm Support MG

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Hi i have a problum the modem i have got here.. the modem will go on the
net and say connected but i try to get on to the net to get my mail and
it will not do that at all. it say to me timeout and sume time have a
look at the name and try agean..  i have test it and it pass all test on
the first one. i test ping and it say pass as well. but i test the modem
and it say to me fail. i hope you can help me out please. the modem i
have got is NetComm NB5 ADSL2+ modem Router... i am useing Ethernet
connected...  i am not use the USB At All...


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Jonathan Young wrote:
> Hi David
> Sorry for a slow reply.  I've had a few busy days this week.
> David wrote:
>>> Glad you got the ADSL working!
>> yes the modem is connected to the internet.... 
>>> What did you need to do?
>> what i dun is put the detales in to the modem and then turn off the 
>> computer..
> So if I understand correctly, your ADSL modem is now logging on and 
> staying online and so we know the connection is working - i.e. the modem 
> is online.  Are you connecting to the modem successfully yet?  Are you 
> able to use any part of the Internet from your computer via your ADSL 
> connection?
>>> What mail client do you plan on using?  I use Mozilla Thunderbird.
>> i use the same here too..
> That's good.  Thunderbird is pretty straight forward.  Just get your 
> account details from Concept and go to "Tools" then "Account Settings".  
> Is this the stage you are up to or is the problem still Internet in general.
> If you are currently using Thunderbird on this PC with dial-up, no 
> changes will be required (I expect) to check your mail using ADSL.  You 
> are just getting access a different way.  Thunderbird doesn't care, so 
> long as it has an Internet connection to use.
>>> What did you have in mind? 
>> i can not get none think at all. the modem say i am on the net.. but 
>> not get nonthink at all it all ways timeout..
> Before we talk about Thunderbird and email, I need to know if you have 
> Internet access working yet.   Can you view web pages using your ADSL 
> connection?  Can you ping web sites?
>>  Is it installed already?
>> yes
> If Internet (web pages) is working then we can move on to setting up 
> Thunderbird.  If web browsing or other aspects of your Internet access 
> are not yet working, then you need to look at your Network settings.
> In other words, we know your modem is online, so if you can view web 
> pages then we will just make sure that Thunderbird is set up, but if you 
> can't yet view web pages then it means your computer is not networked to 
> your ADSL modem yet and that is the problem.
> I need to find out from you specifically what is working and what is not.
>>> In the meantime, you can use Webmail by logging into Concept's web 
>>> page (www.conceptual.net.au), but clearly you have email working to 
>>> some extent because you managed to send this message!! 
>> i have try that all ready and i can not get it up at all. i can not at 
>> all.
> You can't view their web page?  Does any part of your Internet access 
> work?  Can you see the modem?  Can you ping it?  Can you log into it?  
> Can you ping web pages?  Can you view web pages.  Answer these questions 
> in order and we'll see where the problem lies...
>>> What point are you up to? 
>> i want to sufe the net on ADSL...
> What I need to know is what things ARE working and what things DO NOT WORK.
>>> What are you stuck with? 
>> getting on the net with ADSL.
> Your ADSL modem is logging on.  But can you ping web pages or use any 
> Internet services at all?
>>> As always, details REALLY help us solve problems. 
>> the problem is getting on the internet with ADSL.
>  >From your last email I thought that was now working and the next 
> problem was email.  We need to fix one problem at a time and you are not 
> going to get email until you have Internet access (starting with basic 
> stuff like web pages) working.
>> what i have dun is put my user name and pass word in to the modem and 
>> then save it in and left the modem on for 23hr first. when i got on i 
>> save all the Connection information in to the modem...
>> the modem i have got is NB5 ADSL2+
>> at this time i am on my dileup connection to get to my mail and 
>> authers thinks to do. i will be here till we can work this out for the 
>> ADSL.
> So your ADSL modem is connecting, but you are using your dial-up 
> connection to do your work, true?
> Does that mean that Internet and email are working properly, in Linux, 
> on the same machine that you now want to connect to your ADSL modem?
> If so, all we need to do is get your computer to network to the modem 
> and request information from your modem.  Nothing else should have to 
> change.  Once you are connected email will work just like it does on the 
> dial-up connection.
> So the next thing I would like to know is, how is your modem connected - 
> USB or Ethernet (CAT5 / blue network cable)?
>> regards
>> david
> I may have some time on Friday to answer a few questions, but if not, it 
> will be next Tuesday before I am back online.
> TO THE REST OF THE PLUG LIST:  Supposing that a modem is working and 
> connected and attached to you Debian Sarge based PC via Ethernet, what 
> would be the steps (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) that you would do in an X Windows 
> session to tell your computer to use as the Default Gateway 
> with transparent proxy and DNS from the modem and to ignore your dial-up 
> connection and use the Ethernet instead.
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