[plug] problum with getting on the net & more info

Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Fri Dec 23 08:39:36 WST 2005

Hi David

In my personal opinion I doubt this is the problem, though if you can 
get to that page ( in your browser then you are already 
networked to the modem and it will be something very minor that we need 
to change... DNS?  Default gateway?

Unfortunately I do not know the settings page off the top of my head.  I 
will need some extra help to step you through the settings to check.

I wouldn't recommend changing the MTU setting(s).  I cannot see why that 
would be the problem from what you have posted to the list.

- Jonathan.

David wrote:

> Hi All & jonathan,
> i will go to do that now and i will ring my isp up to get my setting 
> from them on my new account.
> all so i have more info from netcomm all so i will do this as well.
> Hi David,
> from what you have written I undersand that you may have to lower the 
> MTU.
> Log onto the modem through your browser ( and go to 
> Advanced->WAN->quickstart.
> Once you are there, change MTU to 1472 and tick "enforse MTU". Click 
> Apply->Save Settings->Restart Router.
> Please keep me posted.
> Regards
> NetComm Support MG
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> From: David [mailto:davidatt at conceptual.net.au]
> Sent: Tuesday, 20 December 2005 10:48 PM
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> Subject: Technical Support Request from website
> Hi i have a problum the modem i have got here.. the modem will go on the
> net and say connected but i try to get on to the net to get my mail and
> it will not do that at all. it say to me timeout and sume time have a
> look at the name and try agean..  i have test it and it pass all test on
> the first one. i test ping and it say pass as well. but i test the modem
> and it say to me fail. i hope you can help me out please. the modem i
> have got is NetComm NB5 ADSL2+ modem Router... i am useing Ethernet
> connected...  i am not use the USB At All...
> regards
> david

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