[plug] David's ADSL Problem

Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Fri Dec 23 11:13:23 WST 2005

Harry McNally wrote:

> Daniel Foote wrote:
>> (I don't know why there is Debian Sarge on this machine; and I do not
>> say that it is a bad choice. I assume it is there for a reason. I am
>> merely trying to say that Debian doesn't hand-hold at all.)
> Hi Daniel
> Thank you for taking the time with the command line instructions. I'm 
> sorry that the list has run on so long on this problem but if 
> Conceptual have worked with David to confirm the modem is ok then 
> setting up the Computer Angels system is as simple as the GUI you 
> recommended (see my previous post).

Knowing Concept, I expect they've done a good job and according to 
David, the modem is connected now.

Is the computer from Computer Angels, David?

> There is a talk I gave for PLUG that explains the approach that we 
> have taken here:
> http://www.computerangels.org.au/resources/plug2005.shtml
> In summary (and this appears to be an anathema for some tech people) 
> the Computer Angels system is set-up and we interact with our 
> participants in the same way as retailers do every day (only they 
> charge a commercial rate).

If these last few suggestions are still not working for him, what 
options does David have to get some onsite help or to bring the computer 
in to Computer Angels. etc.

I guess onsite is going to be the way to go since you can't bring an 
ADSL line with you. ;)

If it's still broken in the New Year, David, I'll come take a look... 
I'm back after January the 9th.

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